Zubair Qazi


Hello! I'm Zubair (pronounced Zoo-bear). I am currently a sophomore at University of California, Riverside studying Computer Science. My interests are mostly in software development, specifically app development for Android and iOS. I also enjoy using Python and Python-based data science tools, which I am currently looking to integrate into some more app development projects. Stay tuned for those; I'll be posting them on my GitHub!

I also love Star Wars and LEGO. I have a collection of Star Wars black series figurines that I have on display at home. I also have a LEGO collection of assorted sets, mostly ranging from Star Wars to Creator sets. I tend to browse the LEGO Ideas website in my free time, since you can vote for certain sets made by fans to become real sets sold by LEGO! Some sets that came about this way are the Apollo Saturn V or the recent remake of the Pirates of Barracuda Bay. If you're interested in collecting LEGO or Star Wars memoribilia and are looking for some advice, feel free to send me an email!